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IT is an essential duty of the individual today to be con-
versant with the business in which he is occupied.

This book is written to guide the student through the
various and extensive subjects connected with Shipping,
without a deep treatment of the law, and the compilation
has been arranged in a progressive order of study, and,
as far as is possible within the scope of the volume, covers
the necessary subjects for the Institute of Chartered Ship-
brokers, Institute of Transport, Institute of Export,
London Chamber of Commerce, and Royal Society of Arts
Examinations. It is pleasing to note that since its original
edition this volume has been approved by many Institutes
and Organizations as a recommended book for study.

Whilst primarily its object is that of a textbook for
the student, it is hoped that it will prove of benefit and
contain interesting details and information for others en-
gaged in this profession, perhaps leading many to make a
more extensive study of "Shipping." The subjects covered
in the first seven chapters of the present book are dealt with
in greater detail in the author's "Ocean Carriage."

Acknowledgments and sincere thanks are due to the
following bodies who have kindly pennitted various docu-
ments to be reproduced—Houlder Brothers & Co., Ltd.,
Lloyd's Register of Shipping, The Chamber of Shipping of
the United Kingdom, and Corporation of Lloyd's.